Great relationships are very important but elusive to many people today.  What we want and need most, we often drive away!
Stress and Disease

Stress causes our bodies to produce chemicals that will help us fight or flee.  When a current situation mirrors some aspect of a painful memory, that emotion from the past is replayed and added to the present reaction.  As a result, emotions are overblown when compared to the present situation. Chronic overload of stress chemicals begin to break down the body.

After just one session of ministry you could be feeling better. Just a month or two from now, your life could be improving ...

Or next year you could still be saying,” It’s not that bad. I just need a little more time.”

You can find some healing as you go through life, but the truth is, time itself heals nothing. Now is the time to actively seek healing!

Feelings of failure, despair, hopelessness, and more drive us to drugs, alcohol and other methods to cover pain.  The “cure” leads to more pain and eventually to destruction.

When you were a child you couldn’t understand the meaning of painful experiences, so you could easily come to the wrong conclusion— a lie. Often the actual event is forgotten, but the lie, such as worthlessness, leads to self-hate and destructive behavior.


Our Book

PreScriptures for Life:
A Believers Guide to Praying Scripture

PreScriptures for Life helps people to achieve the deep-seated, long-lasting peace that comes from praying Scripture and growing in God. Many people yearn for the kind of peace that is the absence of negative thinking, anxiety, anger, and other destructive emotions.

PreScriptures for Life: A Believers Guide to Praying Scripture can help you or a friend!


Spiritual or Mental

Christian writers and teachers of spiritual warfare, deliverance, and healing have in the past made clear distinctions between spiritual and mental health issues. That distinction was if there is a chemical imbalance, it is a health issue.

These beliefs are changing, not because of theological understanding but because of current medical science research on the brain. Brain scientist has found that thoughts and emotions affect the chemical balance which in turn affects our health.